Have you ever thought about traveling to Mars? What do you imagine it is like?

For me, it is hard for me to believe I am receiving accurate information through media. How do I know what has been reported is true? I wonder what Mars is really like.

Have you seen the movie, The Martian, with the actor Matt Damon? I recently saw it again. I love it, especially how he planted the potatoes on a planet that supposedly cannot grow anything. The Fonzi pose was pretty funny too. October_2_24_92_99_18.eps

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That got me thinking about Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Sometime in the distant  past, I read that novel. What if? What if? What if? Martian Chronicles was amazing in my opinion. Mind manipulation? I have always been a big Bradbury fan. Have you read it?

Then I got back into watching Star Wars. I had to write.

Outer space is such a mystery, so I thought I’d make up my own Mars. We have recently published the first three episodes of the science fiction series, Mars by E. Richards.

It’s about Or Patterson who sets out on a mission to a newly terraformed Mars where the relocation recruiters have promised him and a thousand others free mansions and lives of luxury on the red planet. As an out of work ex-convict and with Earth in a state of worldwide depression, Or takes them up on the expedition and sets off on a gigantic government manned flying saucer. But soon Or finds he is in a lot of strange trouble. Princess Shiria and her pretty robot may or may not come to the rescue… You will have to read and see.

That’s it for the first blog post!


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