Book Review: Atomic Voyage to Mars

Atomic Powered Voyage To MarsAtomic Powered Voyage To Mars by Mario V. Farina

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hi Guys! I’ve been pretty busy lately seeing out of town relatives. We took a trip to the beach. At this time of year it wasn’t crowded which was really great, only a few people. I guess everyone but the Russians and our gang are afraid to swim in cold water. It was warm out though, so it was fun and beautiful with the tide pools and the bright blue.

I wrote this review about a week ago and posted it on Goodreads. Since I am writing an episodic series on Mars, I have been drawn to other fiction on the subject. So, as I am getting the hang of my new blog, I thought I’d share the review here:

I enjoyed this short story about a mission to Mars. It was an interesting idea to send a group in an atomic powered voyage that took only ten days to arrive on the planet. The story was well written in a clear and concise manner which I liked. I am not much into showy writing styles and Farina got to the point. I appreciated the humor and ironic, witty ending, though I wish the story would have continued. I would like to learn more about the characters. It reads a bit like an essay and is a very quick read.

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You can pick up a free copy at Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores.

At present I am reading a hard science fiction novel also on the subject of Mars. Have you read Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson? I hope to review it when I finish reading.

All the best,

E. Richards

Author of Mars (Episodes 1-3)

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